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RAD Skater

Dominic Robinson pointed the Skate project out to me. It's an attempt to recreate SK8, which was a Lisp based RAD development environment developed by Ruben Kleiman at Apple's Advanced Technology Group - very cool.

Another friend, Royston Sellman, worked on this whilst he was at ATG, and it's something that I had access to whilst at ULTRALAB. Given my long standing interest in developing a new authoring environment, I'm pretty keen to follow this project's progress, and maybe even try to get involved.

Tom In Town

Tom Smith and I went to the ULTRALAB Christmas party last week, which was also Stephen Heppell's leaving do.

A good night was had by all, and it was fun for me to catch up with all the old gang from my time at the lab.

Tom & I stayed at the same hotel (the event was in deepest, darkest Essex), and as we both at a loose end the next day we wandered into town together, had fun getting slightly lost in the Tate modern, and inevitably ended up in a pub bouncing ideas off each other.

Big Brother Isn't Watching Me


I've just received an email from TfL about the Piccadilly Line. It looks like the Tufnell Park email was just an enormous coincidence!

It's a shame really, as I'd actually be quite grateful for a service which emailed me speculatively about disruption on services that I use a lot.

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