Open Source Projects and Code Snippets

Open Source

A number of Elegant Chaos projects are available free of charge, as donationware, and/or open source.

At the moment these are mostly libraries, small scripts and utilities. In an ideal world we would like all of our software to be released in this way, but this desire comes into conflict with a rather more pragmatic requirement to be able to pay the rent and afford to eat!

If you find any of this stuff useful, or would like to request modifications, please consider making a donation.

All of our open source code is covered by one of our licenses, which require at the very least that you give us an attribution. If you would prefer not to do this, please contact us and we will be happy to negotiate a fee for a non-attribution license.

Generally this stuff can be found on our public Git repository.

Cocoa Libraries

Utilities, Plugins, Widgets

Code Snippets

I've also starting publishing a few articles and blog entries with code snippets in them, as and when I come across something interesting. These are often just a few lines, and as such they are too small to go onto the software page directly, so are indexed below.

The list of snippets: